Assistant Golf Professional

Joined the team in 2021

Kylie has been playing the game of golf since she was seven years old, she grew up on the Air Force Academy and spent all of her summer days from sunrise to sundown at the golf course. Her father and older brother both leading her as professional golf players and coaching professionals. She moved to Denver as a teenager and attended school in Cherry Creek School district where she was varsity golf captain four years, and placed in the 5A State Championship three years.

After high school, working her first golf position at Green Valley Ranch, and now at The Club at Inverness, Kylie finds her passion with helping to introduce women and juniors to the game of golf with the holistic approach of mind, thoughts, and preparation for each shot. Her inspiration coming from not only her own experience, but also creating a comfortable atmosphere for those just learning how to play. Working with either individuals or group settings ensuring players feel confident on the course is her goal. When not coaching Kylie coordinates the outside Charity and Corporate tournaments.

When not working Kylie enjoys the life of being newly married, traveling the world with her partner, spending time in meditation, and doing and coaching breathwork.