2021 Men’s Club Schedule

Cost: $250 for the season
Number of Members: 115

To sign up, please email Dave Steinmetz at dsteinmetz@invernessdenver.com or stop in the Pro Shop!
Men’s Club is open to Gold + Platinum level Members only due to morning tee times.

  • April 17 – Opening Day 2-Man Shamble (pick your partner)
  • May 1 – 6-6-6 (team selected by staff)
  • May 15 – Low Gross/Low Net (individual)
  • June 5 – Spring Bash Cash Game (team selected by staff)
  • June 19 – Uno-Dos-Tres (four person team selected by staff)
  • July 10 & 11 – Senior Club Championship (individual)
  • August 7 – Red, White, Blue (individual)
  • August 21 & 22 – Club Championship (individual)
  • September 18 – Shootout (three person team selected by staff)
  • September 25 – Red Tee Challenge (individual)
  • October 9 – Year-End Scotch (pick your partner)

Team Match Play Championship

The deadline for initial sign up is April 11th, 2021

The deadline for initial sign up for the competition will close April 11th.
Please provide a phone number where your competitors can most easily reach you.

Each Individual/Two-Person team will have the responsibility of arranging and completing their match by the scheduled dates:

  • 1st Match – Saturday, May 22nd
  • 2nd Match – Saturday, June 19th
  • 3rd Match – Saturday, July 17th
  • 4th Match – Saturday, August 15th
  • 5th Match – Saturday, September 18th

If the match has not been played by the deadline, the match will be put on the tee sheet on Sunday at approximately 1:00 PM and if both sides show they will play, if one side shows that side will be declared the winner of the match and move on. If neither side shows the team to play them next will be given a bye.

All matches can be arranged through the golf shop prior to the seven/five-day in advance Foretees system.

Substitutions (ONLY IN FOUR BALL COMPETITION) will be allowed for someone who is unable to make their match. The substitute player will lose three strokes to his current handicap. Only one player from a team may be substituted per match. No substitutions will be allowed for the semi-final and final matches.

Handicaps for each match will be the players current U.S.G.A. and will be wheeled off the low man.